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    Ok so I have just read the book “A perfect marriage” by Laurey Bright and I just had to write a review on it (you shall see why as you read on). A Perfect Marriage By Laurey Bright – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Broken VowsTo their friends, family and neighbors, Celine and Max Archer had a perfect marriage. Only the Archers knew they’d never been in.

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    Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read savingā€¦. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. A Perfect Marriage by Laurey Bright. Celine ArcherMax Archer.

    To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about A Perfect Marriageplease sign up. Is there an ebook or kindle version of this book? See 1 question about A Perfect Marriageā€¦. Lists with This Book. You will thank me! Spoiler alert, the Hero is a Zero cheating ass Just an asshole of a hero with very little to redeem him in fact I would start a hate page on a guy like that. Ah the double standard bullshit and then not q cheating but with a younger woman and then telling your wife what she does for him!

    Is anyone buying this one here?

    Cause I am NOT! Omg I could go on but I have a life and I wasted enough of it on this book. This is a book about out and out cheating, no pulled punches here. Cheating husbands is one topic which evokes strong emotions and it has always been my strictly to be avoided trope till now. But recently having read a few such books, I realized I can take them on with some equanimity when I am somewhat prepared for the shock of betrayal and take it on as a read on human relationships.

    In real life lots of couples go through this and then get back together too n same holds true for the opposite This is a book about out and out cheating, no pulled punches here. Now 12 years on, at 36 and 38 years of age respectively have a nice, stable and comfortable marriage. He is a lawyer, she a housewife dabbling in interiors as an amateur. Enter a young aged 25beautiful, flirtatious assistant lawyer at his firm and he strays.

    We get hints but lzurey the h, it is a sudden and devastating bombshell. The poor h was too busy caring for her sick stepmom who eventually dies and brighy caring for her briyht father. This is shown as a convenient excuse and an petfect for the beginning of this affair. So one night when she realizes it has been a long time since they were intimate, she goes to his study to seduce him and after some making out he shoves her off telling her that he cannot do it as he is in love with someone else and is moving out.

    How easily he has fallen in love with this girl while never developing such bribht for his wife of all these years. She is devastated, shell shocked but rallies herself and is quite reasonable, no tantrums, no big scenes.

    So things are amicably done and he moves out promising he will always be there for her blah blah. He keeps coming back to collect his stuff and she tries to talk to kaurey but he is adamant marriaye his decision. There is one more very hurtful, very angsty scene when he lets on that the last time they had sex and it had been an explosive session, he had actually come back home from a party very turned on nright kissing the ow!


    She is, of course devastated again laurry completely breaks down, lashes out physically and there is a scuffle and they end up having sex again! OMG, you stupid woman, you! Things actually get interesting from here onwards. She decides she is well rid of him, gets on with her life and fledgling career, there is an om a prerequisite to shake up an erring H and yess she is pregnant a no brainer again! I loved reading a h who doesn’t immediately melt brigyt take him back.

    The final confrontation brought on by the ow is good too and things become clearer for all of them. The ow is not a bad person but a young virginal girl who truly did fall for the H and you do feel sorry for her but also want her to leave so that things can move on perffect these two. So the louse is forgiven and taken back but not quite immediately.

    Marriahe family and friends have an interesting take on his straying. He just had to wrap it in i-am-in-love-again excuse! But the fact is that this sorry excuse for a man actually hurt two very nice women so callously and selfishly and still gets away with it.

    I loved it because it is very well written, gripping and so close to how things actually work out in real life. The h is relatable and doesn’t let down the reader. Having read perfeft such similar stories you realize it is how the author moves the story along after the betrayal and how the wife decides to deal with it, which makes brjght difference to a reader.

    View all 34 comments. May 06, Dwayne rated it did not like it Shelves: Reviewed Girls Without a Bookshelf.

    I’d like to think I’m a reader who do not demand perfect characters. As a matter of fact, I like finding the faults in the characters that makes them so human. However, when I come across a character who barely has any redeeming quality, I also do not hesitate to flog the aforementioned character. And Max Archer is such a bastard of a character I swear he more than deserves some serious flogging. I don’t think the book executed the plot well at all in itself, Reviewed Girls Without a Bookshelf.

    I don’t think the book executed the plot well at all in itself, but by God marriagee characters!

    Is groveling ever enough?: Laurey Bright’s “A Perfect Marriage “

    Weak, laughably ludicrous and without any ounce of self-respect! Max, laureey particular was an arrogant ass who revelled in the knowledge that he has two women in his bed. One, his wife Celine. The other, his mistress Kate, a younger work colleague.

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    For goodness’ sake how many times do middle-aged men have to be warned about their endless attraction to ambitious, independent women decades their junior? They never learn, do they?

    Max certainly did not get the memo, because this cheating husband did not only get himself the stereotypical mistress, he threw his wife to the gutter and thought himself in love! His complacency about the severity of his infidelity sends the wrong message, as well as his poor treatment of both Celine and Kate. His actions show no regret pegfect payment for it, only self-confidence that he can apologise once and with clever words ease what he did to Kate and that a little wooing would earn him back his wife.


    Sorry, life doesn’t work that way. Sorry is only too light a word. He seemed completely assured that because his wife is a woman without a pride, he can easily go back to the way things were. Like I said, no redemption. I was utterly disgusted by his behaviour – if he was a real-to-life person and I was in Celine’s shoes, I’d divorce him without ado and file an injunction against him!

    What a despicable character this one is. Celine – although the victim here – is no better. By God woman, have some dignity! She is so blinded by her love for Max – which, in turns out, she only realise when he left – that she simply continually begged him to brightt back. Really begged him to come back. Her pride is practically inexistent, and she cannot seem to function without Max.

    I happen to find it very difficult to find some women like her, who is content to grovel when she has all the resources to move on with her life, forget the episode and find someone who deserves her more. Celine is portrayed as a pushover with no real power in this book, and I llaurey as a female reader that is seriously degrading.

    And Kate – well, Kate has no real presence in the book, only at the beginning and end.

    Although I think she is also a victim of the disgusting Max, nothing whatsoever justifies breaking up a marriage like she did and moreover, begging Celine to let Max go. For goodness’ sake, how many times do we also need to remind young, ambitious females to keep their hands off a married man? Motives be damned, if you have enough decency you’d know that ruining a marriage is one of the worse kind of sin! Since the main protagonists are abhorrent, well the secondary characters are just as bad.

    They seem to be all happy and contented the marriage brifht gets back on track – no talks to Max about anything, or lectures or what nots.

    Very disappointing – everybody was just oh-so-ready to let every wrong slide. View all perfet comments. Mar 11, Megzy rated it liked it Shelves: The characters 1 star.

    A 12 years marriage of convenience was shaken when laureu announced to his wife that he couldn’t have sex with her because he was in a relationship with a much younger woman, view spoiler [25 years old virgin beauty who happened to be a junior partner in his law firm.

    She was bamboozled by a married man with two children. They became engaged after spending a night together to test and see if they were sexually compatible. They practically knew each other their entire lives. Their mothers were best friends and neighbors.

    Later we found out his mother and her father briht on an emotional infidelity for over a year.

    During their marriage, she found hobbies to keep her busy when he was working late at the office The story starts when he notices the OW while away on a conference.

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