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    View and Download HP Xw specification online. Hewlett-Packard Workstation QuickSpecs. Xw Desktop pdf manual download. HP Workstation xw Service and Technical Reference Guide ( Complete_Version). Xw – Workstation – 1 GB RAM Desktop pdf manual download. HP xw Workstation manuals. manuals in 19 languages available for free view and download.

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    August Warranty Hewlett-Packard Company shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.

    To avoid electrical shock, do not open the power supplies. There are no user-serviceable parts inside. To avoid manuap shock and harm to your eyes by laser light, do not open the DVD laser module. The laser module should be serviced by service personnel only. There is a danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly installed.

    For your safety, never attempt to recharge, disassemble, or burn an old battery. Replace the battery with the same or equivalent type, as recommended by the manufacturer. The battery in this system is a lithium battery that does not contain any heavy metals. Static electricity can damage electronic components.

    Turn OFF all equipment and disconnect the power cable before installing an accessory card. Do not let your clothes touch any accessory card. Handle the card as little as possible and with care. Information on Ergonomic Issues. The CD contains the following: Drive configurations can vary. For complete and current information on xe8200 accessories and components, visit http: The x8w200 number labels are located on the side panel of the unit and on the rear panel.

    Keep this number available when contacting customer service for assistance. Power Supply and Cooling The workstation has 9 outputs: Do not exceed W of a 5 V and 3.

    Resetting the Power Supply If an overload triggers the power supply overload protection, all power is immediately cut. To reset the power supply unit: Disconnect the power cord. Determine what caused the overload and fix the problem. Reconnect the power cord and reboot the workstation. When you power down the workstation through the operating system, power consumption falls below the low power consumption but does not reach zero.

    HP xw User Manual | 76 pages

    Chapter 2 Installing or Restoring the Operating System This chapter describes the installation and restoration of the operating system. Installing the Operating System and Software The following section discusses the operating system and HP software installation procedures.

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional The first time you turn on your workstation, you are prompted to select a language for the operating system. NOTE When you enable the YPBind feature in the Network tab of the Linux Setup Tool, you might get a blank screen for about 15—30 seconds after you have selected and saved all of your settings and have exited the utility.

    The boot process continues its execution after the screen returns. Click Press to begin install HP Software The following HP software will also be installed the first time the workstation is turned on: CD, can be ordered from HP as a single set, or you can order sw8200 various software packages separately. Chapter 3 System Management This section describes the various tools and utilities that allow for the system management of the workstation.


    Change factory default settings and set or change the system configuration, which might be necessary when you add or remove hardware. Determine if all of the devices installed on the workstation are recognized by the system and functioning properly. Enable or disable removable media boot ability. Enable or disable removable media write ability when supported by hardware. Solve system configuration errors detected, but not automatically fixed, during the POST.

    Replicate your system setup by saving system configuration information on diskette and restoring it on one or more workstations. If you have made changes that you do not want applied, select Ignore Changes and Exit.

    To reset to factory settings, select Set Defaults and Exit. This option restores the original factory system defaults. Computer Setup Bp NOTE The following content is subject to change with new firmware releases, so your menu may be different than shown mwnual.

    When a device is selected, detailed information and options are displayed. The following options might be presented: Hard Disk Identifies the hard disk drives on the system. Table Computer Setup Menu Descriptions Heading Option Description Boot Order Allows you to configure the boot, diskette drive, and hard drive orders by physically reordering the menu entries. Each device on the list can be individually excluded from or included for consideration as a bootable operating system source.

    HP xw8200 Workstation manuals

    Enabling this features allows a watchdog timer to operate kanual Option ROM execution. Table Computer Setup Menu Descriptions Heading Option Description Onboard Enables you to set resources for or disable onboard system devices serial ports, parallel ports, Devices xs8200 controllers, and so on.

    NOTE These settings are included for backward compatibility. This section summarizes the capabilities and features of the key components of desktop management: Follow the on-screen instructions to continue the process.

    Remote troubleshooting Remote problem resolution Client disaster recovery Software and Operations Management Ongoing desktop management HP system SW deployment Application self-healing For more information and details on how to download a fully-functional day evaluation version of the Altiris solutions, visit http: For more information, visit http: The setup password prevents unauthorized ROM upgrades.

    System Software Manager allows the system administrator to set the setup password on one or more PCs simultaneously. Turn on the workstation. If a setup password has been established, the Caps Lock light will turn on and you will be prompted to enter the password.

    File system corruption may result if source and target workstations are not the same model. For example, do not copy the setup configuration from a dc Ultra-Slim Desktop to a dx Slim Tower.

    Select a setup configuration to copy. NOTE A bootable diskette is required for this procedure. CAUTION Do not use the power button to turn off the workstation unless the system is not responding; turning off the power without operating system interaction could cause damage to or loss of data on xa8200 hard drive. World Wide Web Site HP engineers rigorously test and debug software developed by HP and third-party suppliers, and develop operating system specific support software, to ensure performance, compatibility, and reliability for HP workstations.

    Use the following utilities to manage security settings on the HP workstation: Locally, using the Computer Setup Utilities. Optional access panel removal and prevents theft of IO devices. The version with a cable additionally prevents entire system theft and allows multiple systems to be secured with a single cable. NOTE If you do not press the F10 key at the appropriate time, you must restart the workstation and maual and hold the F10 key again to access the utility.


    Storage, Quickspecs, Convertible minitower – HP xw8200 User Manual

    When the key icon appears on the monitor, enter the setup password, then press Enter. Turn on or restart the workstation. To delete the Power-On password, go to Step 3. To delete the Setup Password, as soon as the workstation is turned on, press and hold the F10 key until you enter Computer Setup. For users with less stringent security requirements, HP does not recommend enabling DriveLock. Users in this category include personal users or users who do not maintain sensitive data on their hard drives as a common practice.

    Master Boot Record Security The MBR contains information needed to successfully boot from a disk and to access the data stored on the disk. Master Boot Record Security detects and reports unintentional or malicious changes to the MBR, such as those caused by some workstation viruses or by the incorrect use of certain disk utilities.

    In the unlikely event that the previously saved MBR has been corrupted, the following message is displayed: You can set this to notify a user if the access panel has been removed. Access Panel Key Lock This lock prevents removal of the access panel and all internal components.

    The key is shipped on the rear of the workstation. Thermal Sensor The thermal sensor is a hardware and software feature that tracks the internal temperature of the workstation. When combined with HP Client Manager Software, this features notifies the network administrator when the normal range is exceeded. The thermal sensor monitors the processor temperature and if the temperature gets too hot, the processor clock automatically begins to throttle.

    Chapter 4 Removal and Replacement Procedures This chapter describes removal and replacement procedures of most internal components. Service Considerations The following sections discuss service considerations that should be reviewed and practiced before removing and replacing any system components.

    When lifting or moving the workstation, do not use the front bezel as a handle or lifting point. Lifting the workstation from the front bezel or lifting it incorrectly can cause the unit to fall and harm the user and damage the workstation. Circuitry design and structure determine the degree of sensitivity. The following packaging and grounding precautions are necessary to prevent damage to electric components and accessories.

    Handle electrostatic sensitive components, parts, and assemblies by the case or PCB laminate. Handle them only at static-free work areas.

    Turn off power and input signals before inserting and removing connectors or test equipment.

    Use fixtures made of static-safe materials when fixtures must directly contact dissipative surfaces. Keep work area free of nonconductive materials, such as ordinary plastic assembly aids and Styrofoam.

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