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    Esoteric schools are not just physical institutions, but are said to have a connection to higher planes of existencewith divine beings working through the school to guide students toward and along the path to liberation. A spiritual esoteric school is said to require the guidance of a living spiritual teacher with a sufficient level of spiritual development to guide it in line with higher spiritual principles and directions.

    In the past, esoteric schools were usually secret and hidden, and people came by invitation only. Although it operated publicly, its standards and influences were held to be the same as esoteric schools of the past. His doctrine was given in more than sixty books and numerous lectures; his first book was published in and his last in While he covered many spiritual and esoteric topics, his central mission was unveiling what he termed the path to liberation.

    Samael Aun Weor described the path as a universal process, shown symbolically in many traditions, religious teachings, and myths. He outlined the path from his personal experience, stating: In modern times, however, any references had become too fragmented and arcane to be accessible. The purpose of the book you hold in your hands, dear reader, is to reveal, show, teach the esoteric path leading to the final Liberation. While spiritual teachers before him wrote on various esoteric matters, none explicitly unveiled the initiatic path like he did.

    Because he was learning and developing as he taught, he publicly acknowledged to having made some mistakes in his teachings along the way, particularly in earlier books.

    In he announced at an assembly of The Universal Christian Gnostic Movement he founded that only five of his most recent books should be used, and stated he wished his earlier publications could be burned for their mistakes. He stated this new era radically changed the way esoteric knowledge could be presented—for the first time in thousands of years, it could be given openly—and that it was his task to disclose it. In astrology, it is held that the celestial movements of planets through the constellations of the zodiac influence life on earth.

    The world is believed to cycle through astrological ages consecutively governed by a particular zodiac sign and its corresponding planet.

    While each of the twelve zodiac signs are understood to hold influence for a monthly period in a yearly cycle, astrological ages are described as lasting thousands of years, influencing entire cultures and societies in the era they preside. Astrological ages are thought to cycle through the sequence of zodiac signs in the opposite direction to the monthly succession.

    So while Pisces comes after Aquarius in the yearly cycle, the reverse occurs in the cycle of astrological ages. There is no universally accepted calculation for when one astrological age ends and the next begins, but many believe the Age of Pisces ended and the Age of Aquarius began sometime last century. Samael Aun Weor specified this shift occurred on February 4 th Throughout the preceding Piscean Age, esoteric knowledge was an undercurrent through history, sometimes veiled in religious symbology and parables—but rarely disclosed openly.

    El Matrimonio Perfecto (spanish Edition) by Samael Aun Weor | eBay

    The presence of encrypted esoteric references in certain teachings meant some public religions served to steer those with more understanding toward the initiatic path, without the religious institution realizing it. Initiatic schools existed where esoteric spirituality was taught and practiced in secret. The sign of Pisces shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, one above the other: The two fish are joined by a cord, indicating they are linked in some way, yet they do not come together—not only swimming in opposite directions, but at different levels—one near the surface, the other hidden below.

    This Piscean duality may explain why esoteric groups remained hidden throughout the Age of Pisces. It may have been a necessity, as those who were unconcealed were often persecuted by religious fundamentalists.

    This split between the esoteric and exoteric can be seen in the life of Jesus himself, who is closely associated with Piscean symbology. Samael Aun Weor was among those who believed this. And he said unto them, Unto you is given the mystery of the kingdom of God: By encoding symbolic teachings within his parables and life story, however, Jesus left esoteric clues behind for those with more understanding to follow, hence the saying: Yet, in a pattern that has repeated for thousands of years, the inability of the multitudes—and the religious authorities who led them—to comprehend those practicing esoteric spirituality often led to misunderstanding, hostility, and persecution.


    Indeed, this very dilemna is referenced in the opening passages of the Gospel of John. Most of his apostles were also eventually executed. The persecution of Christian mystics continued as Christianity fell under the control of a government-backed institution.

    The mainstream Church rejected the esoteric teachings of Jesus, leaving them out of the bible, and the Gnostic Christians and many of their texts were outlawed. The oppressive Inquisition followed for centuries to stamp out spiritual dissent.

    Throughout this period esoteric schools operated underground, or formed secret societies, which allowed them to survive.

    Throughout the Piscean Age, spiritual traditions in other regions also had esoteric components that faced varying levels of marginalization. For example, tantric schools arose in Hindu and Buddhist societies, emphasizing secrecy, esotericism, and the need for initiation to obtain knowledge and liberation. Historians believe they were regarded as unorthodox by the religious establishment and mainstream society of the time and were often shunned, operating on the fringes or in secret.

    Some esoteric Taoist texts were almost completely destroyed and only survived outside of China. In this period, esoteric schools reputedly had to operate secretly to keep esoteric spirituality alive, sometimes operating under the umbrella of a dominant religion and enclosing itself in its iconography to pass unnoticed. People only came by invitation, if they were sufficiently serious, committed, and considered trustworthy enough to keep strict vows of silence.

    He described how spiritual esoteric schools worked for the welfare of humanity, teaching the knowledge of spiritual transformation to practitioners and seeking to raise the overall spiritual and moral levels of society; those on the dark side worked against this and practiced black magic. This meant it was no longer possible for people to find a place to learn and practice true esoteric spirituality in the world.

    He described how such schools often gave the impression of being spiritual while actually serving opposite ends, couching their rituals and terminology in a similar fashion to spiritual esotericism in order to confuse and beguile people. The Age of Aquarius, which Samael Aun Weor stated began inbrought with it a new openness towards spirituality and mysticism in the world.

    This shift can be seen in the changes in society at the time. The 60s are renowned as a time of social upheaval, where old ways were being questioned, and new ways of living were being explored, particularly by the younger generation more open to change.

    While changes occurred in many areas of society, when it came to spirituality it meant that people were far more open to exploring or accepting alternative spiritual teachings and ideas. Mystical teachings and practices, including Eastern practices like meditation, became much more popular in the West, pursued by cultural icons like the Beatles. In time, more holistic approaches to spirituality were popularized that drew upon many traditions, and from this the New Age movement emerged.

    In contrast to preceding times, it became not only socially acceptable to join an alternative spiritual group, but popular. This was the era Samael Aun Weor had been preparing for; he began revealing esoteric principles publicly in the s, knowing the world was entering a period where it would be possible to teach openly what had long been hidden. Each Yuga is said to be successively less spiritual. The first is a very spiritual age, and in the last, Kali Yuga, humanity is at its most degenerate, and civilization is said to become more decadent, violent, and dishonest, and remains so until the age ends and the cycle begins again.

    Kali Yuga is so named after the evil demon Kali as distinct from the Goddess Kali and is also known as a dark age or the age of vice, because it is a time of spiritual degeneration. The Yugas have their correlation in the four ages of man described in Greek and Roman mythology.

    In those cultures, humanity was also held to shift through four major epochs, each becoming less ideal. The first was the golden agea time of peace, harmony, and prosperity, when Gods live among the people, and the last is the iron agewhich we are held to be in now.

    This is also described as a time of degeneration and strife, when people are distant from the Gods. Samael Aun Weor used the terms Kali Yuga and iron age interchangeably to describe our present epoch.

    Weor attested that before the coming end of the Age of Kali, the esoteric teachings are made public to give people the opportunity to find and take samsel up. Reflecting a view found in Hinduism, he said that such an end would be accompanied by a cataclysm, to be followed by a golden age.

    He said it was the role of an avatar to reveal the esoteric teachings at such a time, and that was his mission, but once an avatar had done so, they must leave, as the teachings bear most fruit sammael the avatar has gone.


    The symbol of Aquarius is a man pouring out water from a vessel he carries. But it also has saamael deeper meaning in relation to what Samael Aun Weor actually taught to enable people to undertake the path to liberation.

    With the Age of Aquarius approaching, in the s Samael Aun Weor publicly revealed wer esoteric practice he said was the most secret and guarded of all—sexual alchemy—by which a husband and wife could direct their creative energy inwardly during sexual union for inner spiritual growth and development, which he maintained was essential to reach enlightenment. Weor explained that the conjoining of male and female energies during union unleashed the powers of creation.

    In contrast to the ordinary approach, where this energy is expended for external procreative purposes, alchemy is said to sublimate that creative energy and direct it inwardly, to give birth to new spiritual qualities within practitioners.

    Samael taught that alchemy was found in various traditions, but was usually referred to in a coded and symbolic way to guard it from those who would profane or deride it, and to protect practitioners from persecution.

    Sexual Magic is practiced in Zen Buddhism. Sexual Magic is practiced among the initiated yogis. Sexual Magic is practiced among the Islamic Sufi. Obviously such a garment is made up of the supersensible bodies, those extraordinary crystallizations of the Sexual Hydrogen Te Esoterically, the sexual energy is often shown symbolically as water—the waters of perfect and of life.

    El Matrimonio Perfecto (spanish Edition) by Samael Aun Weor

    Jesus walking on water and calming the sea is understood in Gnosticism to represent control and sublimation of the sexual energies, when they are removed of lust or desire. In the artwork of the medieval alchemists, people are depicted bathing in waters of purification, and couples are shown in coitus while some metaphysical liquid is purified.

    The association of water with sexuality reveals the deeper meaning of the symbol of Aquarius—a man carrying water. The union of the Lingam — Yoni Samael referred to is a common symbol found in Hinduism denoting the union of the male and female creative potential or the union of the God Shiva and Goddess Shakti.

    The Perfect Matrimony Quotes by Samael Aun Weor

    Indian traditions have long held that the kundalini can be raised up through the spine through spiritual practice and awaken chakras energy centers along the spine as it reaches them, activating psychic powers as it does. Samael warned, however, that black magicians also practiced a different form of sexual magic that was the antithesis of what he taught, as they were dedicated to awakening consciousness in darkness.

    In conjunction with the revelation of sexual alchemy was the practice of mystical death. He described the egos as the root cause of suffering on earth. By eradicating these aspects within, light and virtues took their place and one could expand and increase their level of consciousness. He also said people had to make efforts to help others in order to progress spiritually themselves. Samael taught that both alchemy and the mystical death practices were under the direction of the Divine Mother, and taught this universal feminine aspect of divinity has been represented by mother goddesses from various traditions.

    It is the Intimate Christ, our profound innermost Saviour.

    The Hindustanic Jesus is the avatar Krishna. In the ;erfecto country of Kem, in the land of the Pharoahs, Christ was in fact Osiris, and whoever incarnated Him became, therefore, Osirified. Quetzalcoatl, the white God, is the Mexican Christ who now lives in distant Thule. Samael attested that Jesus enacted this drama, but was not the first or only person to do so, as: Samael explained that the Age of Aquarius came under the planetary influence of Uranus, which influences human sexuality. A new openness toward sexuality and mysticism arose in the Age of Aquarius, and in this context Samael Aun Weor unveiled the sacred practice of alchemy, which had long remained secret.

    In this new climate, different approaches to spirituality, such as the New Age movement, also emerged. He described its positive influence as being aligned to the transmutation of sexual energy for spiritual liberation, the awakening of consciousness, and the pursuit of transcendental mystical experiences though spiritual exercises such as meditation. However, if this influence was synchronized negatively, people were liable to fall into decadent hedonistic lifestyles in the new climate of openness—leading to promiscuity and the search for transcendental experiences through intoxication and jatrimonio drugs rather than spiritual practice.

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