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    Buy COURS DE BETON ARME BAEL Calcul des éléments simples et des structures de bâtiments by Jean-Pierre Mougin (ISBN: ) from. Title, Cours de béton armé: B.A.E.L. Author, Jean-Pierre Mougin. Publisher, Eyrolles, ISBN, , Length, pages. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Cours de béton armé | Le présent document Les méthodes utilisées sont fondées sur les règles BAEL 91 modifiées

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    Croatia is a point of contact of very different cultures and civilizations. Across its territory or along its boundary. One of the confluents to Don river near the region of Azov is called Horvatos see [ Pascenko ], p.

    The Croatian name can be traced to different sites in Ukraine, also around Krakow in Poland, in Bohemia, and Austria, thus showing migrations of the Croatian tribes to their future homeland. In the region of northern Steiermark, Austria, between Judenburg and Leoben there is a place called Kraubat. The ccours appears even in Royal charters.

    Morgan Stanley – Wikipedia

    The above information regarding the Croats in Austria are taken from Ferdo Sisic, one of the greatest Croatian historians. From the Croats had shared together with Hungarians a newly built state under common Hungarian and Croatian Kings. The Kings were crowned twice: Baeel that time on, the Croats were dreaming about having their own independent state, and it was revived after almost nine centuries in During this very long period parts of Croatian soil were dominated by Venetians, Italy in the first half of the 20th centurythe Ottoman Empire and the Habsburgs.

    Among all the nations reigned by the Habsburgs Czechs, Poles, Slovenians and others the Croats are together with Austrians and Hungarians the only ones who have preserved an uninterrupted continuity of their state since the Early Middle Ages. During many centuries the Croats had their bans viceroys and their assembly called Sabor.

    The oldest known Sabor was held ed Split in and in devoted more to religious than to secular questionsand in when Dmitar Zvonimir was elected the Croatian King by the “unanimous choice of the clergy and the people”.

    The Croats preserved these important state institutions of ban and Sabor also when they decided to enter the Habsburg state Today the Sabor has the meaning of the Croatian Parliament. We offer you quite interesting presentation couds the Jelacic family in Frenchwritten by a descendent of this noble family in France, Monsieur Michel Iellatchitch.

    Little known but important personality for Croatia, in particular for its northern part Slavonia, is an Austrian Karlo Prandau He lived in Croatia, and considered Croatia as his homeland. Several palaces and parks were built upon his initiative.

    Règles BAEL 91 révisées 99 – الدليل الشامل للمهندس المدني

    He was benefactor of the poor, financial supporter of many projects, composer etc. He composed a march dedicated to his good friend Josip Jelacic. According to his last wish, he was buried in a small Croatian town Valpovo, although he basl in Vienna.

    His brother Antun Gustav Prandau also contributed very much to material and cultural welbeing of Croats in Slavonia. The first technical discoveries are related to the name of Faust Vrancic lat. Faustus Verantiusitalianized name Fausto Veranziohungarized name Faustus Verancsics It is known that he collaborated with Tycho Brache and Johannes Keppler.

    Vrancic was fluent in at least seven languages. He is best known for his book of inventions in Machinae Novaepublished also in Venice in Among his numerous inventions the most famous is the parachutewhich he tested in Venice. It is true that Leonardo da Vinci had a similar idea earlier, but he made only a rough sketch of it, of pyramidal shape, while Vranic’s parachute had rectangular shape, as today.


    See Faust Vrancic by dr. Vladimir Muljevic, in Croatian.

    This book is issued in dramatic time for Sibenik and its environs, for Dalmatia, and the whole of Croatia [that is, issued during Greater Serbian aggression on Croatia]. The aim and importance of this book should be close and clear to any civilized person: After his studies in Vienna and Graz he lectured mathematics in Graz.

    In he went to Lisabon, where he obtained the title of royal mathematician and astronomer, and as such was designated to be a member of expedition for determining borders. In he sailed off from Portugal to the mouth of Amazon river for geographic research there.

    Only a small amount of his work is preserved to these days: By the end of his life, upon return to Croatia, he wrote the first Croatian kajkavian grammer for Germans: For more information see [ Zoric ].

    He studied mathematics and theology at Vienna University and was appointed a teacher of religion in InMitterpacher became the first professor of the newly-established agricultural faculty at the Pest University, a position he kept until his death. A very popular lecturer, Mitterpacher also wrote several schoolbooks and lecture notes.

    His most significant work was the three-volume Elementa rei Rusticaea comprehensive study of agricultural science and practice. Subjects included cultivation, plant-growing, horticulture, vine-growing, forestry, animal husbandry and food processing.

    His books originally written in Latin language were translated into several languages and became important works of reference for contemporary science. Mitterpacher became a member of the Academy of Sciences in Bologna. Many thanks to Mr. Darko Varga from Bilje, Baranja for having contributed and Mittepacher’s biography to this web. He completed his studies of philosophy and theology, Roman languages and English in Linz and Prague.

    As a Carmelitan missionary with monastic name Paulin of St.

    Bartholomew Vezdin was sent to India inwhere he learned Sanskrit and several Indian dialects. For more information see Filip Vezdin in Croatian.

    For more information see Branko Franolic: Filip Vezdinand [ Zoric ]. Franjo Domin born in Zagreb,studied physics and theology bqel Vienna and later became a dean at the Faculty of Philosophy and rector of the University of Budapest.

    He was among the first who cured various diseases by electrotherapy using static electricity.

    Morgan Stanley

    In Josip Belusic constructed the first electric speedometer. Belusic was born in the region of Labin in Istria, and was professor in Kopar. This invention was patented in Austria – Hungary under the name of “velocimeter. Nikola Tesla is since recently credited for this discovery, see here. He was a full member of the Petersburg’s and Austrian Academies of Sciences. A great importance for the development of slavistic philology had the journal Archiv fur slavishe Philologie that he founded in Berlin, and whose editor in chief he was during 45 years.

    He also initiated and organized the Seminar for Slavic coours in Vienna inwhich later grew out to the Institute of Slavic Studies. His scientific opus is enormous: David Schwarza Zagreb Jewinvented steerable metal airship that is today unjustly bearing the name of the German count Zeppelin. Indeed, Zeppelin bought the complete project from Schwartz’s wife, shortly after his premature death. Photos from David Schwarz web site by Ante Sucur.


    The Croatian Btoj left truly remarkable traces in arts, music, science and architecture. Antun Lucic americanized name is Anthony F.

    Lucic ; born in Splitdied in Washington discovered the first major gusher in Texas, The Lucas gusherflowing at the rate of 80, tobarrels per day, blew in in January About 50, people came to see it.

    This meant the earliest massive exploitation of oil and petroleum in the world. Antun Lucic, known as Anthony F. His company became one of the first oil companies in Texas. Antun Lucic was a mining engineer who completed his studies at the Politechnical institute in Graz, Austria, where also his fellow coutryman Nikola Tesla later studied.

    Byas many as wells were operating on Spindletop Hill and over oil companies had been chartered. With the Lucas gusher, a black-gold rush began, and fortune-seekers from all over the world poured into Texas. Over time, Houston became a center of the oil cpurs, and a captive of the British-dominated global oil cartel. Antun Lucic is also considered to be the founder of modern petroleum reservoir engineering.

    19 an expert in mining he was elected the life long chairman of the American Committee for Oil and Gas later called Petroleum Divisionmore information. Nikola Teslaborn in Croatia at that time within Austro-Hungaryis well known and need not be particularly 9.

    We feel it is necessary to cite his words that he was equally proud of his Croatian motherland and Serbian descent. He completed his elementary and secondary school education in Croatia in Gospic and Karlovacand studied in Graz and Prague. He is the father of alternating electrical current technology and ds three phase system. He is equally known by his contribution to ee high frequency technology and wireless communications. The impact of Tesla’s numerous inventions more than patents on the development of modern civilization is immeasurable.

    The unit for magnetic induction Tesla, was named after him Conference general des poids et mesures, Paris, He refused to receive the Nobel prize which he had to share with T. There you can see his name surrounded with Laplace, Planck, Bohr, Einstein and Rutherford click on the left. When his mother died, he payed couds visit to Croatian capital Zagreb inwhere he gave a lecture about alternating current.

    On that occasion he said:. There is no doubt that by saying “homeland” he meant Croatia. His monument carved by Ivan Mestrovicwho knew him personally, can be seen in Zagreb. After bon end of World War II, the famous sculptor was asked by Belgrade officials to prepare Tesla’s monument for the capital of Yugoslavia, but he refused, explaining that Tesla did not like the city.

    By the way, the family name Tesla does not exist in Serbia. Another agm, carved by Croatian sculptor Frano Krsinic, can be seen near Tesla’s hydro power plant on Niagara Falls. According to some recreational sources on WWW, four greatest geniuses in the history of Mankind are Gutenberg, Edison, da Vinci, and Tesla in this order.

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